We accept, respect and take advantage of our diversity in order to meet our common goals.
We are an example to one another.
We stick together and identify with OL.


We think and act as a company. Each and every one of us is an important part of the team.
We incorporate our pespectives and strengths into our daily work and always consider them to be part of the overall result.
We support and trust one another.
Our behaviour and demeanor are characterized by respect and fairness.
We are co-thinkers as well as lateral thinkers and we believe that errors are necessary in terms of our development and improvement.
We encourage entrepreneurial thinking, provided that it is also in line with the personal interests of all employees.

Individual Responsibility

We are driven to constantly improve ourselves.
We work independently in our field of activity and we assume responsibility.
We stand by our decisions together and we support each other, even if the decisions turn out to be incorrect.


We pass information on in an active an targeted manner.
We communicate our decisions clearly.
We speak to one another on equal terms and when problems arise, we decide on the best solution - irrespective of who made the suggestion.

Leadership and Requirements

We delegate responsibility and decision-making powers within a clearly defined framework of action and we trust our employees to utilize this framework for the benefit of the company.
We speak to our employees about their behaviour and their performance and we demand the same of ourselves.
We manage our colleagues based on the situation; we observe their individuality and, as a consequence, we support the continued development of their abilities.
We support our employees so they are in a position to accept changes and we are on hand to assist them if they have any questions.


We develop ourselves and demand plenty of ourselves through clear and constructive feedback, which forms an essential part of our collaborative work.
We welcome feedback and are grateful for critical and professional exchanges of opinion. We proactively engage with the outcomes of these exchanges and we rethink our behaviour.


We ask questions so that even long-established matters are challanged.
We utilize changes as an opportunity to improve ourselves.
We clearly and realistically define our plans for change.
We know that only companies that constantly improve are able to survive and thrive on the marketplace.
[Stand: November 2016]