Cable Management

Glides, Inserts
and Plugs

Sliding Elements

Adjustment Screws /
Threaded Bushings

Height Adjustment

Bearing Bushings
and Spacers

Protective Elements

Various Furniture Fittings

Connectors and Fasteners

Control Elements

Our catalog offers you an extensive range of standard solutions that we have developed in-house. If you cannot find your preferred color or dimension in our range, please contact us.  We will then find a joint solution.


Our complete catalog is available for download here:

Complete Catalog
[.pdf | 11 MB]


You can download our entire range of cable management products, including all cable guides, desk connectors, base plates, adapters, cable ducts, and cable fastenings here:

Cable Management Catalog
[.pdf | 13,5 MB]


The use of bioplastics is forward-looking and our response to the sustainability discussion. We are open to the topic and are actively and consciously addressing this trend of tomorrow. The world of bioplastics is diverse and by no means as developed as that of conventional plastics. This presents both a major challenge and enormous potential.

Bioplastics are already being developed today that are capable of replacing many conventional plastic applications or even opening up new areas of application. These "new" materials are still at the beginning of their life cycle, so their importance and potential applications will increase significantly in the coming years/decades. The term BIO is used very flexibly, so we would like to formulate our understanding of BIO as follows: All plastics that have a lower impact on our environment during their production and have a more positive impact on the C02 emissions than the 100%

petrochemical-based plastics, are understood by us in the broadest sense as BIO plastics. Whether these are renewable raw materials (*image on the right) or recycled household waste (*image on the left) is of secondary importance to us with the background of resource conservation.


The product groups in our online catalog are each marked with the corresponding symbol.

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